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Kikuji KAWADA who is a world-famous photographer is born in Tsuchiura-shi, Ibaraki , Japan on January 1, 1933. Kikuji Kawada is admitted into Rikkyo High School after entrance to school in Tsuchiura Daiichi High School . He applies for the moon example of the photograph magazine "camera" at the time of graduation from high school and catch eye of judge, Ken DOMON, Ihei KIMURA and get a special prize.
He enters the Rikkyo University department of economics, and registered at the photograph department, and he is entered the company in 1955 by graduation, Shinchosha. He was in charge of gravure photography from the foundation of a periodical of the magazine "weekly Sincho". He exhibited it at the first exhibition "eyes of ten people " (Konishiroku photo gallery) in 1957. and he became a member of Japan Professional Photographers Society. He resigns from Shinchosha in 1959 and becomes a free-lance photographer. He held first private exhibition "sea" ( Fuji photo salon) in 1959 and formed Photograph group "VIVO" with Akira SATO, Akira TANNO, Ikko NARAHARA, Shomei TOMATSU, Eiko HOSOE and others in the same year.
He holds private exhibition "The Map" ( Fuji photo salon) in 1961. And Photograph collection "map" (Bijutsu-syuppan-sha, 800 limitation) becoming the best masterpiece in 1965 is published, and Reprinted edition " The Map " (Getsuyo-sha, 1,000 limitation) is published in 2005.

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He is handling overseas coverage indeed more than 1966. In 1971, Photograph collection "Sacre Atavism" (shasin-hyoron-sha, 1,000 limitation) was published. He photographed the "last cosmology" series from 1979. Photograph collection "The Last Cosmology" (Mitsubishichisho .491) is published in 1995 and wins prize, the 12th Higashikawa Prize, country writer Prize in "The Last Cosmology" in the 46th Japan Professional Photographers Society, year in 1996.
He photographs the "CAR MANIAC" series from 1991 and photographs the " Eureka " series from 1999. He publishes Photograph collection "The Globe Theater" (kkk/PGI private press edition-550 limited) in 1998.
Kikuji Kawada photograph exhibition "Theatrum Mundi" was held in Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of photography for approximately two months in 2003.
He gets a encouragement prize from the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2004. A Kikuji Kawada exhibition is held with a "gallery cameraobscura" of Paris in 2006.
He wins writer Prize from The Photographic Society of Japan in 2011. He did private exhibition, plan exhibitions a lot. He is honorary membership of Japan Professional Photographers Society.

Public collection: The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo . Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. Kushiro Art museum , Hokkaido . Kawasaki City Museum . Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts. Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Museum. Tama Art University Museum . Tokyo Polytechnic University . Nihon University .
MoMA(The Museum of Modern Art). Le Center Pompidou.